These Abandoned Homes are Incredibly lively

The Abandoned Maison Souza


Image Source: Huffington Post

The chances of someone breaking into an abandoned house is almost slim to none unless you are that enthusiast who has the desire for urban exploration, well, we know someone like that whose name is Ransom Riggs, a popular author working on the sequel of his successful book, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. Riggs was willing to step into and explore such astonishing abandoned homes which would help him to jot down ideas for his project. But what he actually found inside of those abandoned homes was indeed surprising.

” When Ransom somehow broke into those abandoned homes, he figured out things which were a bit clumsy and very unexpected” The Globe notes. “These homes looked like as if they were not touched for years and everything inside was exactly how a normal house would look like except the dust on some of the objects. It seemed like people still are still living in such houses”

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